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lltag 0.12, finally gets CDDB support - Brice Goglin's Blog

Sep. 19th, 2006

22:43 - lltag 0.12, finally gets CDDB support

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After 6 months of diet, there is finally a new lltag release. For those that don't know lltag, it's an automatic command-line music file tagging and renaming utility. Basically, it tries to understand the filename to extract tags, and applies them to MP3/OGG/FLAC files to make your favorite music player happy. In case of brain-damaged filenames, the user may also provide some special filename formats to help lltag. And you may provide a format to use these tags to rename the file. Lots of options are available to handle whitespace damages, apply regexp on tags, etc. See the home page for details (even if the examples are out-dated...).

lltag 0.12 finally brings CDDB support for people willing to get tags from online. The command-line interface got a large rework, making it nicer and more flexible, hopefully without losing any previous feature, especially in automatic mode. The CDDB interface is not as automatic as it could optimally be, but there are several features planned for upcoming releases.

Thanks to my sponsors, lltag is already available in Debian and Gentoo repositories, and will probably run fine on all Linux distributions as long as the required Perl modules and low-level tagging utilities are available.

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