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llgal 0.13.6 is out, with lots of bugfixes - Brice Goglin's Blog

Sep. 3rd, 2006

12:02 - llgal 0.13.6 is out, with lots of bugfixes

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I just released llgal 0.13.6. This is probably the most-bug-fixing release I have done so far. It is surely worth upgrading for almost everybody.

For those that don't know llgal yet, they could check the project homepage or look at the gallery I just created about my vacation in August. Here's what to do to create this gallery:

I actually used a couple more options to get this layout. You may pass lots of options on the command line. But, if you don't want to type these options again everytime you regenerate the gallery (for instance after fixing a typo in the captions), you might want to use a configuration file instead, such as the configuration file for my vacation's gallery If you don't know the name of the options to write in the config file, don't worry, just do the following to generate the config file once:

    llgal <your command line options> --gencfg local

Then, feel free to edit .llgal/llgalrc to change the layout, llgal with automatically use this configuration file next time it is run.

There are a lot of other options, for instance to choose the size of the thumbnails in the index, limit the size of the photos in the slides, create hierarchical sets of galleries, include or type of files or links, ...

What I like about llgal is that you don't need any boring useless monster such as PHP, Javascript or other crap to view your photos. It even works without a WWW-server. And the configuration, captions, file organization are very easy to view/modify/save/restore/copy.

llgal is already available in Debian and Gentoo repositories, and will probably run fine on all Linux (and even some *BSD) distributions as long as the required Perl modules are available.

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