March 7th, 2010

Debian/ notes - Bug triaging while waiting for DRM 2.6.33

Almost nothing interesting happened recently in in Debian. But interesting things are coming soon.

First, radeon KMS and DRI2 will enter unstable soon. xserver-xorg-video-radeon 1:6.12.191-1 is currently in experimental. People seem to be happy with it so far, and upstream is taking very good care of bug reports as usual.

The next 2.6.32 kernel will contain DRM from 2.6.33. It first means that the radeon KMS driver not in staging anymore. Once this new kernel is uploaded, I'll put the new xserver-xorg-video-radeon in unstable (6.13.0 is expected soon, but 6.12.191 already looks good so far).

DRM from 2.6.33 will also brings nouveau support. It means that we will build libdrm-nouveau and upload a new xserver-xorg-video-nouveau. However, it also means that we need somebody to maintain this. And nobody in the team has a nvidia board to test packages so... If you want nouveau in Debian, please help.

While waiting for all these, we have been triaging the BTS a bit. Kibi is helping a lot by triaging recent intel bugs (many regressions fixed in recent kernels). I spent some time during the week-end triaging some old bugs. I closed more than a hundred of them, and pinged another hundred. We still have more than 1100 bugs open. It is not so bad compared to 1500-2000 when nobody maintains X (aka often), but still way too much.

Some of my bug closing might look a bit rude. But we had so many bug reports a couple years ago that are irrelevant today. Keeping them open would be meaningless. For instance, many input problems are obsolete since a lot of the input code was rewritten, we switched to input-hotplug, and then hal to udev. Another example is intel lockups (we had a lot of them after driver 2.2 arrived). But XAA and EXA were dropped in favor of UXA, DRI1 was dropped for DRI2, and KMS arrived. So it's useless to keep these obsolete and irrelevant bugs that cannot be debugged nowadays.

As usual, the Debian X team needs a lot of help. Again, if you want nouveau in Debian, please help.