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Debian X.org notes - X.org in Lenny (and more) - Brice Goglin's Blog

Jun. 14th, 2008

13:29 - Debian X.org notes - X.org in Lenny (and more)

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Xserver 1.4.2 for Lenny

We originally planned to ship Xorg 7.4 and Xserver 1.5 since they were expected in February. However, Xserver 1.5 (and Mesa 7.1) are not released yet, so we are going to keep some updated X.org 7.3 for Lenny. A new Xserver 1.4 snapshot with some security fixes will enter testing soon. Once this is done, the final Xserver 1.4.2 will be uploaded. It is not perfect but it is the one you will get for Lenny. Many people suffered from Xserver 1.4 bugs in the last months, especially on the input side. Fortunately, many of them have been fixed. Lots of them were also caused by obsolete config files (that have to be manually fixes unfortunately). So we hope this Xserver 1.4.2 will be good enough for Lenny.

XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps by default

It is worth noting that XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps will now be the default (when XAA is enabled, i.e. by default for all drivers but Intel). It helps Compiz and seems to prevent various rendering problems from happening. Ubuntu and Fedora have been running such a patch for a while, so it looks like we are going to do the same for Lenny. To revert to the old behavior, use Option XaaOffscreenPixmaps in the Device section of your xorg.conf.

ATI 6.8.191, Intel 2.3.2, Mesa 7.0.3++

Apart from the server, some big components are getting updated these days:

A new Mesa has been uploaded so that it enters testing before the libs are frozen. It contains the latest Mesa 7.0.x git snapshot, including lots of bugfixes, especially for Intel hardware. Mesa 7.0.3 was already pretty solid, this new one (7.0.3-2) will be even better.

ATI is still getting a lot of work upstream as usual. 6.8.191 (aka 6.9-rc1) has been released this week. It brings r6xx support, acceleration for r5xx, EXA Composite for r3xx/r4xx/r500, textured video support, ... It also fixes many bugs everywhere. Given the big testing that we had in experimental in the last months, I consider it much better than 6.8.0, so I decided to put it in unstable even if it's only a release candidate.

This new ATI does not include the r128 and mach64 drivers anymore. So the new xserver-xorg-video-r128 and -mach64 packages finally entered unstable as well. Due to unexpected upstream version numbers for mach64 and r128 and me messing up with epochs, they have a lower version number (6.8.0-1) than the previous snapshots from experimental (1:6.8.1~git...). There's almost no code difference though, but people might want to install the unstable packages anyway. The old snapshots will be removed from experimental soon.

On the Intel side, a new 2.3.2 is expected soon, without many big improvements from what I have seen.

X.org post-Lenny Future

Xorg 7.4/Xserver 1.5 prereleases should arrive in experimental soon. It requires Mesa 7.1, which still needs some build fix and requires a new yet-to-be-released libdrm. Once all these are properly fixed and released, you should for instance be able to experience some interesting improvement in EXA. It may finally make XAA useless for real. Also, Xorg 7.4 will simplify the Xserver package maintenance since its build won't need the whole Mesa source anymore (the GLcore module that AIGLX uses will be built/shipped within Mesa).

Stop build-depending on xutils!

Also, we've been trying to cleanup the dependency mess in many X packages for a while. We removed the obsolete dependency from xutils to xutils-dev which was only needed for Sarge->Etch upgrade (xutils-dev was split out of xutils). However, many packages still wrongly build-depend on xutils. Lucas reported that removing this useless dependency in the latest Xorg upload caused 84 FTBFS. So, we're going to revert the change to avoid adding 84 RC bugs. However, everybody build-depending on xutils, please check whether you actually need xutils or xutils-dev so that we can quickly fix this after Lenny.

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Date:June 16th, 2008 08:34 (UTC)

Thumbs up!

Thank you very much! Your work is highly appreciated!
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Date:July 29th, 2008 01:37 (UTC)

Xorg and mach64...

Hey, I know this isn't your fault but that switch from "ati" to "mach64" is really crappy. My x server is soo slow now that it requires Mesa and GLcore. I dont do any 3d stuff, I dont want any 3d stuff and my computer is old. Why do I have to have this?

Can we get an option to turn off GLcore or have it off by default in the -mach64 package? Where is the documentation for Xorg default modules?

Sorry, I dont mean to vent, it is just that my computer is now %50 slower after my recent debian apt-get upgrade...
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Date:July 29th, 2008 05:02 (UTC)

Re: Xorg and mach64...

The switch from ati to mach64 doesn't change any single line of code (it's just a matter of packaging) so it cannot hurt your performance.
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