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Debian X.org notes - One year of X.org BTS maintenance - Brice Goglin's Blog

Jan. 6th, 2008

12:53 - Debian X.org notes - One year of X.org BTS maintenance

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One year ago, I started triaging the X.org BTS (by replying to #163057 iirc). I closed almost 1600 bugs since then, bringing the remaining ones to about 900 today. I am kind of proud of Ender's graph (when the URL works...). Even if the actual BTS triaging is done now, I still try to take care of X.org bugs. And it's not that easy unfortunately...

Almost 650 new bugs were opened this year against X.org packages. 250 of them are already fixed, more than one hundred have been forwarded upstream. It doesn't mean that 300 bugs still apply to our packaging. Most of our X packages are simple (apart from the xserver-xorg postinst mess that David is cleaning). But, there are lots of problems that we have no clue about, or that miss some info because people can't upgrade to unstable, ...

I am sometimes tired of getting so many bugs without being able to do much about them. Maybe because upstream doesn't care enough about some problems (lots of drivers are unmaintained and get broken more and more when new features are added for a couple more important drivers). So, I sometimes tend to concentrate my work on what I like and trust. Some people noticed that xserver-xorg-video-ati get very often updated these days (6 uploads in the last 20 days). Of course, the reason is that I own a r300 board :) But also because its upstream devs are very good, it's very nice and easy to work with them.

Of course, we have a lot of work and few people to do it. That's kind of sad since playing with X is very interesting. Most users are very happy when discovering things like RandR 1.2 or Compiz. Getting a chance to test them early and understand their internals is very cool. But, as said in some other posts, hacking on X.org doesn't seem to look fun. If you're interested anyway, taking care of the bugs is a very easy way to learn a lot. I had no clue about X one year ago and I learned a lot by taking care of the BTS. I would be glad to get some help now :)

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