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Sep. 13th, 2009

01:52 - Debian/X.org notes - i865 fixed, Xserver 1.6 entering testing soon

No Xorg update entered testing since Lenny was released. The last big remaining bug in unstable was the Intel driver locking up on i865 when the UXA/GEM acceleration is used (and 2.8.x only supports UXA so there is no work around). See #541307.

Fortunately, Eric Anholt found out that it was caused by a kernel bug in the intel-agp driver. The fix is not in vanilla 2.6.31, so you'll have to apply the patch or wait for an updated 2.6.31.x kernel to be released.

Anyway, the Intel driver 2.8.1 as well as Xserver 1.6 and Mesa 7.5 will enter testing soon. If you have a i865, make sure your kernel contains the above fix or you'll likely experience lockups soon after X startup.

Update: If building the intel-agp driver as a module, you will also need another small patch to export the clflush_cache_range() function to modules.

Update: Everything just entered testing for real.

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